lundi 27 septembre 2010

Eruption - The Walls Of Hell / Rondo (197?)

Wow ! I'm sure nobody heard of that one ! This is another psych/prog nugget I bought at Stigmate Records ! I have a lot of trouble finding a date for that single so I hope you'll help me. Hearing it, it's sounds like 71 or 72 but there's neither any date on the cover nor on the record. The second track is quite a clumsy reprise of Brubeck's "Blue Rondo A La Turk" which abruptly gives way to raw psychedelic guitar riffs...
I know the first track was composed by a certain "Ronnie Husser" but no idea who were the other members. The cover let us think there were four members so Husser surely was the leader. Thank you for helping me finding more information about the band !

mardi 21 septembre 2010

Electric Funeral - The Wild Performance (1970)

I recently went to Stigmate Records  (a good record dealer in Geneva) in seek of new Swiss treasures. Mauro Bozzi aka. "Bozz", the soul of the shop, showed me quite an interesting LP. An obscure live recording, only released in the 90's which I never heard of ! I was getting more and more excited, seeing that the copy I was holding was numbered #14 out of 200 !!! After a quick listen, I new I needed it for the blog. Really, that's big heavy raw hard rock reminding me of Danish band "Moses". Unfortunately, an annoying persistent crackling noise shows up from the beginning to the end... The fact that it could have been recorded on a cassette explains everything. But anyway, it makes it more raw ! I haven't been able to locate where the concert took place but surely in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (Romandie).

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. People
  2. War Funeral Song
  3. Black Pages
  4. Rock Ba Rock
  5. To Be One
  6. We're Gonna Change The World
  7. Fly A Way
Line-up / Musicians:
  • Dominique Bourquin / vocals
  • Alain Christinaz / guitar
  • Edi Hirt / drums
  • Pierrot Wermeille / bass

vendredi 17 septembre 2010

Lost Peace - Lost Peace (1977)

Here's for you another exclusivity ! That one belongs to my favourites and you'll understand why listening to it !  I assume it was formed in 1970 in Bern, as Rateyourmusic says, but unfortunately, we have very little information. Now, I'm calling all the Placebo lovers: you really have to download it. It's so well rhythmed, funky and groovy, maybe the best Placeboesque record from Switzerland... In my opinion, it's far away from "Dizzy Bats" which sound a bit more traditional and formal. An original copy's not so expensive but nevertheless, rather tough to find. Anyway, an excellent jazz fusion release that deserves to be listened to. I assure you won't regret it !

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. Fun King
  2. City West
  3. Einzeiler
  4. Join In
  5. Äs Herbschtelet
  6. Studweid Ballade
  7. Papera
Line-up / Musicians:
  • Marc Hellman / drums, percussion
  • Willy Müller / piano
  • Peter Lehmann / trumpet, violin
  • Martin Heiniger / tenorsax, clarinet
  • Markus Küng / guitar
  • Claudio Bischoff / bassguitar


      jeudi 2 septembre 2010

      Attacks - We Call It Attackology (1967)

      I found the Grail ! This is possibly the rarest and unkown Helvetian album ! The only way to get it was to contact one of its member, Mr. Patrick Herberich aka. Pat Murphy (guitar) who was kind enough to send me a copy on CD. As you won't find the LP anywhere, I really would like to thank him for letting me share that treasure with you... 

      Few information about it, I only know that Patrick Herberich's brother called Mike also played in the band. It was recorded in Riehen (Basel) in 1967 and most likely, a hundred were pressed ! There's only one auction on Popsike ! About the style, let's say it's pop folk with country accents even if some of you will classify it in garage rock because of the period. It's really soft and quiet excepting a few rock'n'roll tracks and an interesting reprise of Hey Joe, sung in French ! To be honest, it isn't a musical revolution but a testimony of a past era and a new artefact for historians and rare LP diggers. The sound quality is a bit poor but I did my best to erase crackles of the original rip I got on CD. But enough talking now, go and listen to it, you won't find it elsewhere...

      Songs / Tracks Listing:
      1. Foot Tapper
      2. Take This Hammer
      3. See See Rider
      4. Tico Tico
      5. Hey Joe
      6. Razzle Dazzle
      7. Dandy
      8. Fall In Love
      9. Zambesi
      10. And The Beat Goes On
      11. Maid Marions Theme
      12. Dear Mrs.Applebee
      13. Blue Suede Shoes

      Rarity Indication

      Rather common



      Very rare

      Almost impossible to find !

      Holy Grail !!!