vendredi 17 septembre 2010

Lost Peace - Lost Peace (1977)

Here's for you another exclusivity ! That one belongs to my favourites and you'll understand why listening to it !  I assume it was formed in 1970 in Bern, as Rateyourmusic says, but unfortunately, we have very little information. Now, I'm calling all the Placebo lovers: you really have to download it. It's so well rhythmed, funky and groovy, maybe the best Placeboesque record from Switzerland... In my opinion, it's far away from "Dizzy Bats" which sound a bit more traditional and formal. An original copy's not so expensive but nevertheless, rather tough to find. Anyway, an excellent jazz fusion release that deserves to be listened to. I assure you won't regret it !

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. Fun King
  2. City West
  3. Einzeiler
  4. Join In
  5. Äs Herbschtelet
  6. Studweid Ballade
  7. Papera
Line-up / Musicians:
  • Marc Hellman / drums, percussion
  • Willy Müller / piano
  • Peter Lehmann / trumpet, violin
  • Martin Heiniger / tenorsax, clarinet
  • Markus Küng / guitar
  • Claudio Bischoff / bassguitar


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      1. thank you!

      2. fresh, sharp n' tight.
        so nice n' clean.


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      Holy Grail !!!