mardi 21 décembre 2010

Hard Horse - Let It Ride / Hang Old Freddy (1972)

Here's your Christmas present folks ! 
Just a warning: this DOPE is very, very addictive !

I first have to say that the band is British but this single was released on many labels, especially on Splendid (from La-Chaux-de-Fonds). It features Paul Thomas (vocals) who played in the band Peppermint Circus (from Coventry, UK). Producers are Ben Findon and Peter Shelley.

Swiss release on Splendid label

The song was originally released in 1971, on "D'Art" label. Other copies were made on different labels, probably for all DJs of the world... Let's say it, between all different covers, the swiss one looks definitely the best ! It shows how the song "Let It Ride" literally kicks ass !  You have now access to the definitive raw psych nugget which will keep playing in your mind for many days. Merry Christmas and "Let It Ride" !

First UK release on D'Art label

French release on Vogue label

German release on United Artists label

Pink Elephant label

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  1. Thanks for this one. It's great to see you back on air. You've been silent too long. Keep the Swiss frak flag flying!

  2. Thanks!

    How about some nice Swiss "easy" music / pop jazz for the holiday season?
    It's Sonja Salvis, from Berne.
    The record is "Send For Me", by Sonja Salvis and and the Gustav Brom Orchestra, and was recorded in 1970 and released in Czechoslovakia in 1971 on the Supraphon label. I believe it was her only album and she disappeared from history after that. There are several interesting covers on the record, the Beatles "Something", and Bob Dylan "Blowing In The Wind."!download|563tl3|394942783|Sonja_Salvis.rar|96850
    Here is a photo of her:

  3. Here's a challenge for Swiss music experts ... who and where did this single come from?

    Citadelle d'Illusion/Vibrations de Terre
    (Impossibly rare 7")
    Switzerland 197?

    Posted at

  4. Awesome !!!!! Just discovered your blog :)


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