lundi 4 juillet 2011

Markheim - Markheim (1972)

After some abscence, here I am back on the saddle with another obscurity ! This strange record was released in 1991, consisting of a soft green paper cover, including two illustrated inserts. Only 200 hand-numbered copies were pressed !

Markheim was formed in 1972 by Andreas Wyden and dissolved the same year in lack of money, leaving some curious demo tapes behind. These guys lived in Paradiso, in the canton of Ticino (the italian speaking part of Switzerland). Some names appear english to me: I presume the band leader Andreas Wyden and drummer Enzo Geninazza are swiss but I have no information about pianist Phillip Reeves and guitarist Trevor Thoms (english nicknames?). The band traveled to Venice during summer 72 in order to record their freshly composed songs. 

The the demo tapes were later on remastered by croatian poet Dubravko Pusek (now living in Lugano) who also financed the whole project ! All tracks and lyrics were composed by Andreas Wyden. The music itself is a mix of crazy progressive, folk and psych rock. Some tracks are rather experimental as well ! My personal favourites are "Birdman" and "Lonely Traveller", two beautiful laid back ballads, and "Anniversary" which is more progressive.

Thank you guys and especially Mr.Pusek for this little spleeping and undiscovered jewel ! Someone will just have to explain where does "Markheim" come from ? Enjoy...

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. Dirty Woman
  2. Birdman
  3. Lonely Traveller
  4. Long Way To Go
  5. Gold Dust In My Eyes
  6. Boering
  7. Anniversary
  8. No Tytle (Stale Bread And Water)
  9. Whore House
  10. New Day 


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    1. Hi, an awesome blog and important 4 2 recover da rich history of rock and prog psych rock from Switzerland between 70 and 80.
      Dis record is a jewel , so rare but boo´ful and so varied.
      From i saw a long time ago in a catalog of lowland records dis edition was my target (only 4 intuition coz i ´ve never heard before dis upload) and at last i can got it... a dream!
      miles ago of my expectations!
      A master opus and a six stars.
      it´s a pity dat Markheim don´t
      record´d never again but dis ten demos r a hidden treasure from the "vaults of time".
      Danks for dis and keep on with dis v´ry gud blog.

      1. But they did.. and still do... check out, Inner City Unit, also,
        Krankschaft... Last album was 2011..

    2. HI, I am Andreas Wyden, discovered this web page because of a friend who told me about it.
      Interesting songs indeed. Title are correct but not all in the correct order.
      We had a lot of stuff mor than the songs recorded but it all got lost.
      Trev passed away last summer. The others are OK.
      The Birdman still drifting ...
      Andreas Wyden

      1. Hello I am Enzo Geninazza drummer of the band. I read with dismay of Trevor. It was a beautiful experience ... unfortunately ended too soon. Greetings from switzerland lugano Hello Heinz

    3. Hello
      Thanks for all your post.
      I Have this Lp. A friend said me that the guitarist has playing on the 2nd Spirit Of John Morgan - Age Machine in 1970. And I think it's the same that have played with Iron Maiden - Maiden voyage (Rec 69/70)1998 (Not the metal group).

    4. hi William: Seems I discovered your blog about a day too late. Your upload service is no more. What a shame.

      1. Still living... still playing music... still recording and playing gigs..
        I am dead Fred (Phillip Reeves) I am on `` To all that come to this writing...Greetings from London England...
        I would Like to get the other two Markhiem bandmates, Enzo and Andreas both Swiss nationals while we are still still living to play together with me again soon before it is too late... Trevor Thoms (Guitar) died on 8th December 2009 from cancer.. he was 60 years old.. I played a memorial for him last December.. 3 songs from the concert are on You Tube
        Love to you all at William Tell`s... Fred

    5. Réponses
      1. you can find it in soulseek

    6. I remeber an earlier formation of the Band, that covered songs of Jimi Hendrix with Dieter on the guitar Enzo and Andreas. That was amazing!!! it was 1970
      My name is paolo Jacomella


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