dimanche 10 octobre 2010

The Goldfingers - L'Oeil Bleu (1968)

Just for you my lucky friends, here's what we could call "la perle rare" !

It's all about an obscure swiss movie directed by a certain Jacques Sandoz, in 1968. As far as I know, the film was shot in La-Chaux-De-Fonds. I haven't been able to find more information about the scenario so if you have any, just contact me !

The Original Soudtrack of Sandoz's film was performed by "The Goldfingers" and many other musicians. It is heavy psychedelic stuff but there are some calm passages of jazzy music.
It's the first time you'll find this album on the web as I recently bought the LP which is impossible to find and much expensive. It was released on the Label "Soundell" and as far as I know, it's a private press of only 200 copies !

Fortunately for you, my predilection record shop "Belair Records" has just released the first "official" reissue ! You can either go to Lausanne (Switzerland) and buy it or contact them !

The official reissue has just been released on Itunes ! 

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. Publicity
  2. Pity
  3. Landscape
  4. Deep Down Inside
  5. I Lost My Way
  6. I Found My Way
  7. Aquatique
  8. Love Is A Different Thing
  9. You Know Babe
  10. Mix In The Bistro
  11. Western Thoughts (Part. 1)
  12. Western Thoughts (Part. 2)
  13. Paradise's Devils
  14. La Course
  15. Unmilitary March

Here are some extracts !

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