lundi 18 octobre 2010

Bruno Spoerri - Die Elektroniker Von Lansing Bagnall (Nach Einer 8-Stunden-Schicht) (1971)

I want to share a promotional single which only contains one magic track by the swiss famous composer Bruno Spoerri. The man experimented a lot in the beginning of the 70's, becoming an electronic music avant-gardist. Spoerri did a lot of TV commercial music after entering the world of Jazz. This advertising single is rather experimental: funky riffs bursting, mixed with Lansing Bagnall forklifts sounds ! The strange gatefold cover is 21 cm wide and 18 cm tall ! Just check out the pictures ! Sorry but no time to translate that one so German speaking people will be glad...


Konzert Für Elektronischen Fahrschalter, Hubhydraulik, Elektrische Guitarre Und Synthesizer

Here's also an interview of Spoerri playing with buttons in his laboratory.

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  1. Just discovered your blog. Some nice, rare goodies! Any chance you have and could post Rhea's "Sad Sorceress?"

    Thanks for the music.


  2. Hello ! I don't know that one ! I want to post Schakta - Tales but just can't find the LP and can't get the mp3... Some releases are just so tough to get !


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