mardi 19 octobre 2010

Wiebelfetzer - Live (1971)


It all started at the "Weisser Wind" of Zürich, in April 1971. Seven Swiss, three Danes, an American and a Swede, played the whole evening of the 27th, experimenting new sounds and melodies, for all the free jazz lovers... The result is just astonishing, brilliant and out of time !!! That session will always remain timeless, as these sounds (more than music) transports you elsewhere, allowing a long interior mediation. Of course, you can call it free and experimental jazz / rock but I don't think it can properly be classified. This so dense album is properly a chronological history of music: hear it a hundred times, you'll always discover new things in it ! After a few plays, it's to me a subtle and refined melange of Stravinski, Miles Davis (especially Bitches Brew) and Amon Düül. It also makes me think about "Shining" creepy OST.

I recently contacted Mr. Beat Kennel (the owner of the "Wiebelfetzer" rights and Bazillus) to talk about a reissue of that scarce release. As Mr. Kennel said, we'll wait a bit until giving a free link on this blog, regarding the fact that a lot of musicians were involved. In order to respect their work, the link is momentarily removed. I'll let you know about the reissue matter soon.

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. Bazillus-Infection
  2. Force Ichha
  3. Viodo
  4. Abrikosmos 

      Line-up / Musicians:
      • Beat Kennel (CH) / drums, percussion
      • Klaus Thalmann (CH) / bass guitar  
      • Fredy Studer (CH) / drums, percussion  
      • Stephan Wittwer (CH) / guitar
      • Düde Dürst (CH) / congas, percussion 
      • Irène Schweizer (CH) / piano, electric piano
      • Jürg Grau (CH) / pocket trumpet
      • Anne Christiansen (DK) / vocals, percussion 
      • John Tchicai (DK) / saxophone alto & soprano
      • Ole Thilo (DK) / organ, piano
      • Runo Ericksson (SWE) / bass trombone
      • Peter Warren (USA) / bass, bass guitar

        I finally found the time to make a high quality video for you folks ! You won't believe your ears !


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          I was curious about the sound.

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        2. please send me a copy
          lelos from PORTUGAL

        3. thanks a lot! Jürg and me met in 1960, also now Beat, Irene and some others, mostly from the secret studios Conny Faessler


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