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Ertlif - Ertlif (1972)

"The Crack in the Cosmic Egg" says: 

"One of the earliest of Swiss progressives, Ertlif were fronted by an English vocalist and had a very English style with strong hints of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. But, having said that, Ertlif also had a Teutonic touch (much darker than Jane) that lent a doomy Ainigma or Necronomicon edge, in a music that had folky touches and an abundance of classical references. It all amounted to much more than just a heavy rock album, and although quite dated it's still a fresh and vital album.
In 1974, alongside Ertlif (who were touring Germany at the time and planning a second album) two members: James Mosberger and Teddy Riedo also worked as the cosmic synthesizer duo Irrlicht. Obviously inspired by the Klaus Schulze classic, they unfortunately never released anything, although an album was planned for Klaus' aborted idea for a record label prior to Innovative Communication. Both these musicians have also worked solo since.
On several occasions Ertlif have reformed. The Ertlif web-site implies that the Black Rills Records LP from 1992 could be a re-recorded version, but we're not sure. A new 2001 album is out there, but we haven't encountered it yet."

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. Plastic Queen
  2. Try Making It Easy
  3. Train Of Time
  4. You're Nothing At All
  5. There Is Only Time To Die
  6. The Song
  7. High And Dry
  8. Walpurgis
  9. Classical Woman    
Line-up / Musicians:

  • Richard John Rusinski / vocals, 12-string guitar
  • James Mosberger / organ, Mellotron, piano
  • Teddy Riedo / bass
  • Hanspeter "Bцlle" Bцrlin / drums, percussion
  • Danny Andrey / lead guitar



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