mercredi 4 août 2010

Piano Conclave - Palais Anthology (1975)

Second and rarest album by this George Gruntz led octet that includes six keyboardists over a rhythm section and has the slow cosmic breakbeat gem "Hal-Lucy-'n-o'-One Step" with killer drumbreaks courtesy of Alphonse Mouzon. Solid album and a prime slice of progressive funky Euro jazz.

Songs / Tracks Listing:

1. Rumba Orgiastica
2. English Moxplott
3. Hymny Shimmy
4. Hal-Lucy-N-O-One-Step
5. Zookie Cookie
6. Lookie Pookie
7. Tango Teclado
8. Titty-Chickie-Fitterbug
9. Shoo-Fly-Shuffle
10. Charles Stone and Quickflip

Line-up / Musicians:
  • Gordon Beck: Fender Rhodes, grand piano, voices
  • Wolfgang Dauner / Fender Rhodes, clavinet, synthesizer, grand piano, organ
  • George Gruntz / Fender Rhodes, grand piano, synthesizer
  • Joachim Kühn / Fender Rhodes, grand piano
  • Martial Solal / grand piano
  • Jasper Van't Hof / keyboards
  • John Lee / bass
  • Alphonse Mouzon / drums


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