mercredi 4 août 2010

Nexus Erratic - Inverse (1983)

Dear followers, here's specially for you one of the rarest new wave album from Switzerland (Recorded in La-Chaux-de-Fonds) ! You won't find it anywhere else on the web !
As I recently bought this MINT copy, I remastered it to share the masterpiece.
That album isn't amongst the most expensive ones because it's simply unknown, even by Swiss rock dealers !
I really hope you'll enjoy that one.

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. The Wage-Earner
  2. Friendship
  3. Three For Two
  4. Childhood
  5. Winter
  6. Cabaret
Line-up / Musicians:

  • Yvan Pelichet / guitar, vocal
  • Claude Juvet / keyboards, piano
  • Serge Poggiana / lead guitar
  • Claude Richard / bass
  • Remi Rota / drums


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Rather common



Very rare

Almost impossible to find !

Holy Grail !!!