mercredi 4 août 2010

Joint - Collage / Remember (1971)

Another unknown band from Zürich you'll enjoy ! I bought that single the other day and I found a couple of little inserts in it: a big one showing some pictures of the players and another one with the band's history (in French).
I like that band because I fell nostalgic when I hear that single. To me, the best track remains "Remember".

Here's the translated version of their history:

Bruno and Hanspeter played in 1966 with "Les Spectres" (a band from Zürich). Giovi was the singer of the "New Earls" (a soul formation), and Stevie has played the drums with many dance orchestras.

JOINT was born in november 1969 at the "Blow-Up" in Zürich. Its members still are amateurs, music occupying only their free hours. They are working their repertoire and technique three nights a week, in a cellar.

Their first record was released mid-february 1971, with COLLAGE and REMEMBER. Columbia 006-33581.

Line-up / Musicians:
  • Giovanni "Giovi" Russo / vocals
  • Bruno / guitar
  • Hanspeter / bass
  • Stevie / drums

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  1. Just found this blog, and there's some amazing stuff here, esp. this KILLER 45 - my mind is blown!


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