mercredi 4 août 2010

Exit - Exit (1975)

An obscure 70's Swiss band, with a varied blend of progressive and hard-rock styles. Nothing is known about them except for one LP that was privately issued in the mid-70's.
The formation of Swiss rock band Exit dates back to the year 1972. The breakout came during a tour with the band Birth Control and the band from Frauenfeld decided to produce an LP for its devoted fan club. As there was practically no budget for production and almost no digital studios existing, Exit recorded in the MS studio in Dietikon with two revox 2-track machines. So all the music was really played without tricks! Their style is special: long tracks remaining to Pink Floyd, keyboard loaded with additional characteristic choir singing and a very fresh garage edge. It’s a document of a unique combination of krautrock and joy.

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. Paradise
  2. Balade Of Live
  3. Talk Around
  4. Bad Gossip
Line-up / Musicians:

  • Andy Schmid / guitar, harmonica
  • Edwin Schweizer / bass
  • Roman Portail / organ, synthesizer
  • Kafi Kaufmann / drums, percussion




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