mardi 24 août 2010

Round House - 'Scuse Me (1972)

As I was seeking for new unknown stuff, I bought a sealed copy on Ebay, containing the dope I needed...
It's called Round House and it's partially Swiss. The dope in question is a mix of a jazz rock and funk with Latin influences. Very little information about that one but I assume it was formed in Zürich in 1969, as stated on Rateyourmusic.

Out of the six members, I know for sure that J-P. Wuttke and Kurt Weil are Swiss. Gustav Csik and Laszlo Juhasz are hungarian but no idea about Bernd Heil and Ralph Bloch...
I recommend you to listen to "I Hear You Call" and "'Scuse Me" which are to me, the best ones. Just enjoy it, folks !

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. Motives
  2. Born To Wander
  3. I Hear You Call
  4. Send Me A Letter
  5. Share My World
  6. 'Scuse Me
  7. Sunshine In My Eyes
  8. Thinking Of You
  9. Don't Get Me Wrong
  10. Circle Of Dreams
Line-up / Musicians:
  •  Bernd Heil / guitar, bass, vocals
  •  Ralph Bloch / drums
  •  Jean-Pierre Wuttke / saxophone (tenor & alto)
  •  Gustav Csik / organ, tenor saxophone
  •  Laszlo Juhasz / trumpet, bass
  •  Kurt Weil / trombone, vibraphone



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      1. Why I can not to downlad it ?

      2. great post!
        i have a big request! can u provide a rip of this album in 320 kbps quality? been looking for it very long.
        many many thx!

      3. All right, I re-ripped it in 320kbps... Hope you'll like it !

      4. thx a lot, u're the KING, wilhelmtellsguitar! also the Proud Mary post! always amazing to discover how excellent music came out from switzerland!

      5. Thanks for supporting my work ! I hope you' register !

      6. Thank you for sharing this sound!

        Rock on

      7. Hi, I can't find the link for the 320kbps version - the download link above seems to only be 40MB...

      8. Don't worry, it's still decent quality ! There are no other files anyway ! Enjoy !


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