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Kedama - Live At Sunrise Studios (1976)


I was hanging around in the business school in St. Gallen. Everybody there was dressed in black or gray like bankers or personal assistants; very articulate but not quite interested in arts. It was the era after Woodstock, for me "the time after". The ideas of our society weren't exactly my cup of tea; I had eyes just for colorful, amusing and pleasurable things. There was only one other guy, named Richard ("Richi") Rothenberger, who attracted my attention. He always wore a somewhat grubby Afghan coat with long fringes. His jeans were torn up and bleached. It looked like the interest was mutual, since he started to talk to me about a musical organ, Uriah Heep, Ken Hensley and stuff. I didn't know that band, but I liked his gestures while he was playing his invisible organ. Thus we decided to set up a band before we even knew each other's musical skills.

We played and played and had no real plans. At the Youth Center in St. Gallen we saw a bulletin board notice: "Drummer SEARCHES Band". Somehow that drummer seemed to be a remarkable guy. We called him immediately and right away we had a drummer. His name was Peter Suter, aka. "Suetzg". Pretty soon we found a name for our band. Simply put, it is the name of an area in Morocco. Shortly afterwards we had our first live concert, albeit only in the circle of our closest friends. There were at least about 50 people, though. We played in a small youth pub and got paid a whopping 112.- SFR. just for having had an hour of fun. That was in early autumn 1972; just a little bit later we had our first public concert in a gym. There are records from that concert and I'm still amazed how we got it all done.

We participated in a contest. The 4 best amateur bands of Switzerland would have the opportunity to record their music for free in a studio. Yea, guess what? We won. Sure we did. As a result, we had our first studio recordings. To be heard on the LP "Perspectives" and on the LP / CD "Live at Sunrise-Studio.""

Sensational concerts; every time there were four to five hundred people. It was a good time and we were enjoying it. Together with friends, we moved to a farmhouse in the Thurgau Hinterland. Duede Glaus, one of our friends, made sure we got good instruments. That's how I got my 'Gibson Les Paul', the queen of guitars, which I still own. Richi began to play the Mellotron, the fabled keyboard instrument which, in a pretty archaic way, played back samples of instruments pre-recorded on tape loops. All of a sudden, we belonged to the legendary "Thurgau Hinterland Farmhouse Movement". We met 'stars' from the Swiss scene, such as Hardy Hepp, Tony Vescoli or Duede Duerst, comfort-spoilt Zurich City folk who had discovered country life. However, the best guy for us to meet was Bernie Sigg, a totally shrill pop journalist. He knew the Stones in person, or so they said, and suddenly we knew him. We did a good deal with him: We helped him with moving his huge LP collection and in return he wrote a cover text for our LP. That way we got some kind of cult status, which opened doors to the best concerts. Several times we played in front of thousands of people at the Zurich Fairgound Festival. Hippies pure...

Christian Linder

You can read their whole story on their official website !

Songs / Tracks Listing:
  1. Ouverture
  2. Finale
  3. Our Power
  4. Zugabe
  5. Chinese Dragon (Bonus)
  6. Hwrklnzg (Bonus)
  7. Honey Moon (Bonus)
  8. Improvisations (Bonus)
  9. Intermezzo (Bonus)
  10. Two Souls in Space (Bonus)
  11. Feelings without Name (Bonus)
Line-up / Musicians:
  • Christian Linder / guitars, keyboards 
  • Richard Rothenberger / keyboards
  • Peter Suter / drums, percussion 


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